Datuk Michael Tan Kun Boo

The man who has much on the ball started his political career during his student days in Australia in the 1960s.

This happened when Datuk Michael Tan Kun Boo was elected, amidst much politicking amongst the students in the university then, as the Secretary for the then Borneo Students Association in Sydney.

Born in Sandakan in 1942, Tan left for Australia just before he turned 21. He had his secondary education at St Mary’s in Sandakan and later continued with his studies in the University of Sydney where he graduated with a law degree.

Admitted as a lawyer to the then High Court of Borneo at Sandakan in 1967, Tan had been in active legal practice until 1986 when he was elected as the YB for the Sungei Sibuga Constituency.

Although he did not become the candidate in the 1990 State Election, Tan felt that he was still relevant to the political arena in Sabah and he could still contribute to the positive development in politics.

He joined the Party in 1991 and had since been a member of the Supreme Council.

Tan foremost priority in his political ambition is the urge of wanting to unite the Chinese to come under the umbrella of one single Chinese based party.

Apart from being able to get along with the central leadership of the Party, Tan joined LDP then because he was optimistic that only the Party would be able to contribute positively to the well-being of the Chinese under the Barisan Nasional rule.

Sharp and competent, Tan was elected as the Speaker of the Party since 1995.

In 2002, Tan was made the Deputy Speaker for the Sabah State Legislative Assembly.

Although he is a die-hard football fan, Tan also plays other sports like tennis and table tennis.

He was also active in debates during his student days in Australia and even served as Secretary of the Borneo Students Association in Sydney.