Datuk Tan Sui Fu

Sui Fu came to Sabah alone from China in 1949 to stay with his uncle in Tuaran.

During the Japanese Occupation his father was somewhere in the Philippines. He could have gone to search for him there but decided to head to Sabah (then North Borneo) instead where he settled down.

He enrolled to a school only to see his education cut short because of his poor command of the English language. “Very difficult subject to learn,” he declares.

Failing in school however did not stop him from trying to score passing marks in life.

Shortly after his uncle died, Sui Fu was entrusted to look after his shop.

He did this for ten years before moving to Kota Kinabalu from Kota Belud to work as a salesman for a company.

Hard work paid dividends over a period of time as he rose to become a manager. In the early 70s, he returned to running his own family business, this time taking over from his brother in-law who had passed away.

Not long afterwards, Sui Fu was involved in politics when he joined BERJAYA in 1980.

“I was invited to join by Chong Kah Kiat then. I did not know much about politics but I was willing to learn,” he recalls.

He remained with BERJAYA even after several years following its defeat to PBS.

In 1989, he joined his old friend, Kah Kiat, to form Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).

He served as Treasurer General from 1992 to 2006.

Educated in China, Sui Fu excelled in the Chinese Language. His witty remarks and writing skill earned him many respects. He wrote articles in the Chinese dailies on a regular basis.