Datuk Wong Lien Tat

The stalwart of the Party, Datuk Wong Lien Tat popularly known as ‘Tat-ko’ (elder brother) started his political activities in the mid 1980s when he assisted the then PBS candidate in Karamunting in drawing up placards and articles.

Little did he know then that he would be the Y.B for the same area almost 15 years later.

As the YB for the Karamunting constituency during 1999 to 2008, Tat-ko had been instrumental in getting many developments to be channeled into the constituency.

He had worked hard in ensuring that job opportunities would be available to the many young people who had just graduated from the colleges and universities.

Close to his heart is the desire to see everyone is fully employed in his constituency.

As the State Assemblyman for Karamunting, Tat-ko worked hard in trying to get his constituents happy by providing them with the necessary infrastructures, schools and hospitals.

Having traveled to many neighboring countries, Tat-ko always feel the importance of education especially in Chinese as he feels that the language will greatly assist those in business as China plays a major role in this globalised world.

The ability to master and command the Chinese Language is of paramount importance.

Equally important is the ability to command and master the National Language as well as English, if one is to excel in the political arena in the country. Tat-ko made no secret of his handicap in the Malay as well as the English Languages.

He wants to see the young echelons in the Party to play a major role in national politics.

To achieve this objective, Tat-ko advises them to learn to speak and write fluently in all the three languages.

Born in 1938 in Sandakan, Tat-ko was one of the oldest candidate in the last State Election in 2004.

Tat-ko was the YB for the Karamunting State which he first won in 1999 and he retained it subsequently with a comfortable majority in 2004.

Tat-ko’s early education was interrupted by the outbreak of the second World War in 1945.

However, he managed to complete his secondary education at St Michael in Sandakan.

Notwithstanding the many hard and winding roads one may face in his or her political journey, the most important virtue in Tat-ko’s belief is to persevere and be patient which Tat-ko hopes aspiring politicians will learn and accept in order to succeed.

He was since retired from active politics after the 2008 General Election.