The objectives of Liberal Democratic Party Sabah shall be:

  1. To honour and protect the Constitution of Malaysia and to uphold the principles of the Rukun Negara;
  2. To strive for and establish a fair, just and equal society regardless of racial origin or creed and to inculcate into the people the spirit of mutual respect, tolerance and goodwill in a multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious society;
  3. To eliminate corruption in all forms in the Government and to ensure the establishment of a government fully accountable to the people;
  4. To promote and ensure the socio-economic, educational and cultural advancement of all races in the creation of a just and stable society;
  5. To promote and safeguard the interests of Sabah within the context of Malaysia;
  6. To co-operate with other political organisations with similar aims and objectives on a Malaysian basis in joint political activities;
  7. To carry out such other activities as are necessary or incidental to or in furtherance of any or all the above objects including the collection of funds for the maintenance of the Party; and
  8. Generally to do all such acts and things not enumerated in the preceding sub-clauses for the well being of the Party.