The LDP Education Fund was mooted to support the Party’s objectives of Social Responsibility to the Party’s members. By providing financial aids to the students of the members, the Party leadership plays an instrumental role in giving back benefits to the members.

Since its inception in 1996, the fund had disbursed more than RM1 million to over 9,000 qualified students. The RM120 is set as the token to encourage students who excelled academically to pursue their studies and reduce their families’ burden. The funds are usually disbursed before the start of new school terms, the students could then use the money to buy stationary, books and uniforms.

The eligible criteria for the LDP Education Fund include the following:

  1. Applicants must be Malaysian citizens.
  2. Applicants must possess good academic results in Kindergartens, Primary Schools, Secondary Schools or Tertiary Institutions.

The Education Fund is managed by a committee called Education Fund Committees. The committee is held liable to present the financial report in the Party Congress Meeting each year.

Throughout the years, LDP has raised up to RM2 millions for the fund through organizing Education Runs, singing contests, cultural and annual activities for the past 20 years. The funds are distributed among the students through a system in which each Division is given certain quota for the funds. However, when needs arise, there are Divisions which fork out their own money and donate fund for more students. The Education Fund Presentation Ceremonies are usually held in combination of few Divisions in a District, at which Party leaders and members are sharing views pertaining to educational issues.

Self-reliance and Sustainable Solution

The financial sources have been entirely relying on the annual fund raising activities which solicit donations from Party members, public and enterprises of all sectors.

target_engOf late, the Education Fund Committee has decided to adopt a self-reliance and sustainable solution.

Therefore, Liberal Democratic Party is determined to raise ONE MILLION Ringgit as the LDP Education Fund’s seed money so that income generated would be appropriately disbursed to the qualified students annually.

Education is the driving force of the future, LDP looks forward to your support