teo-chee-kangSince its inception in 1996, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Education Fund has been providing assistance to children of our Party members as a way for us to give back and fulfill our social responsibility. For the past 20 years, LDP has organized various activities to raise fund for the purpose, including education charity dinner and singing competitions. To date, the Party has disbursed over RM 1 million education fund to more than 9,000 eligible students. The education fund motivates the underprivileged students to work harder for good results, and at the same time, lessen the financial burden of their families.

Education is the foundation of a hundred-year strategy of a nation

To keep up with progress and changing political landscape, LDP is undertaking reformative and transformative plans to enhance the overall development of the Party. The Chinese proverb ‘Education is the foundation of a hundred-year strategy of a nation’ illustrates the importance of education to a country’s development. Education determines the rise and fall of a nation and progress of its people. Quality education produces capable human capital who can propel our country forward. With this in mind, LDP is committed to ensure that our education fund continues to benefit students in need.

A long-term funding plan

When it comes to charity, there is always room for more kindness. In the past two decades, our source of education fund is derived from generous donations by the business community and benefactors. However, after much consideration, we found that this fundraising approach is unsustainable. We need to adopt a long-term funding plan, more specifically, to generate sustainable income from financial endowment to fund LDP’s education charity. Today, we launch a fundraising campaign to raise a target of RM 1 million. The fund raised will be managed systematically and sustainably to enable the Party to assist underprivileged students in the present and future. We hope the public will render your kindness and sponsorship in support of our fundraising campaign. Every contribution is important to us and greatly appreciated, regardless of the amount. With your support, we can build a better, more compassionate society.

Let’s join us in spreading care and warmth through the LDP Education Fund.

Datuk Teo Chee Kang, JP
Liberal Democratic Party