Message from Education Fund Chairman

lim-young-peingEducation is the vehicle through which our young generations come to realise their ambitions and goals. A quality education process enables students of varied backgrounds to achieve their academic attainment and subsequently meet the challenges and demands of the competitive and globalised environment in future.

LDP has never lost sight on the importance of education in our community, in fact, for the past 20 years, through our Education Runs, we had raised more than RM2 million to many schools, learning institutes and charity bodies for educational purposes, not to mention the annual presentation of LDP Education Fund given to our Party members.

The LDP Education Fund was mooted to support the Party’s objectives of Social Responsibility to the Party’s members. The fund might not necessarily help to alleviate the financial burdens of the families in great deal, but it does serve as a token to encourage the students to excel and pursue their educational goals. To date, we have disbursed more than RM1 million to over 9,000 qualified students since the Fund’s inception in 1996.

In view of the growing demands of the Education Fund which is becoming a challenge for the Party to solicit source of fund each year, perhaps it is high time to build up a substantial amount of fund as the principal capital from which the disbursement of Education Fund is generated each year. This sustainable model of LDP Education Fund not only augurs well with our commitment to the member’s educational welfare, eventually it will also embody a larger circle of beneficiary in the form of teacher’s training and scholarships of higher educations.

The LDP Education Fund is charged with the responsibility to creating a better learning environment for our young generations, it is pivotal to the Chinese adage “No matter how poor we are, we never compromise on education” that we will work assiduously to provide the financial supports to our students in the community.

I invite you all to be our partners in this meaningful endeavor.

Lim Young Peing
LDP Education Fund