Words of Appreciation

Yong-Wei-ChungThe ever increasing competition in global economy and intense pressure for higher levels of knowledge particularly in information technology this 21st century have driven demands for education development. Education is the basis for social development and the foundation for a nation. In view of this, the Party’s leadership has placed great emphasis in promoting education development.

It is my honor to be appointed as the Organizing Chairman for the Education Fund Raising Committee this year. Our target for the fund is RM1 million, with the objective to raise a capital fund to generate sufficient amount for annual distribution to deserving students in the form of aid fund, hence solving the problem of fund resources every year.

The fund raising for this year may face some challenges such as economy downturn and competition among others. However, with leadership from LDP’s President YB Datuk Teo Chee Kang JP and Deputy President YB Senator Datuk Chin Su Phin, we are confident that the RM1 million target is achievable particularly with the generosity from the public and Chinese community leaders who are concerned about the education of our future generations.

We are most grateful to those who have contributed and supported our education fund. We look and hope for more caring and passionate citizens and corporate bodies to assist those who are in need.

In appreciation, LDP will hold an Education Fund Raising Dinner at the Magellan Sutera Harbour Grand Ballroom on 28th Oct 2016. We look forward seeing you there.

Secretary General
Liberal Democratic Party