Women Movement

The hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation

Women play a very important role in upholding the democratic system in the country.

Statistics have shown that slightly more than half of registered voters and voter turn-out in past elections was made up of women.

Like the popular phrase that says behind every successful man there is a woman, in this context it is women power behind every successful government.

It has often been said women in this country have equalled, even excelled, the men in almost every sector including in the highly competitive business world.

Opportunities are aplenty for them to seek and many who dared to take the challenge are very successful today.

In fact, many women see business as the balancing factor between family commitments and careers as they have more control over time. Some even of the opinion that women are a genius when it comes to money matters. Others may argue on this fact and argue they must, the truth is women are only getting better each day.

In politics, it is just the same story as there are more women not only with the titles ‘YBs’ but hundreds and thousands others who are in one way or another in the world of politics. These are the real VIPs for they work on the ground, closest to the grassroots. A tribute to them.

Some may have ‘main politik’ (play politics) just because they ‘follow-follow’ others; some may just want to be with friends while others may want to expand their network.

Whatever their motives are they all have one thing in common: a physical and psychological make up experts say promote and fosters co-operation and relationships. Also by nature, they are life-givers to their children.

They are just what a political organization needs. Their hands that once rock the cradle could rule the nation.