Youth Movement

The Young Idealists

It has been recognized that the role of youths in any organization is of special importance. They are often described as the backbone of the organization where much of the party strength lies. They are the idealists full of dreams and aspirations.

They are also the thinkers of the organization whose innovative thoughts and ideas could propel the organization to greater height. As youth, they are full of energy to move the whole organization.

Idealistic youth may sometimes be accused of being unrealistic or unpractical in their approach. But in actual fact such accusation usually comes from people who are already too comfortable in their comfort zone. They are afraid of changes. The youth on the other hand is adventurous in exploring new possibilities and is not afraid of changes.

In LDP Youth Movement, we believe that no matter how small we are, we are a significant part of this world and we can still make a difference. We believe we can own the world if we are determined enough. We believe we can do anything if we set our mind to it. By thinking positively, we can make dreams happen. For we can do anything when we let our dreams soar.

“Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

“Unless we spread our wings, we will never know how high we can fly”